Enter in international net, work with us for the future!
The project foresees the development an international net, with more centers that have a relationship of franchising with Digitalis, for:

  1. distribution of the system and his method,
  2. training on the prevention of the safety, of the health and the environmental quality in the firms,
  3. support to the company technicians and the workers' representatives.
Digitalis guarantees the continuous updating to the normative and of the functions of the program, also in base to the applications of the centers.
It is possible to activate projects of remote training, of remote assistance, of technical support.
Il partner which Digitalis turns can be a private society or corporate body with competences in environmental field and in the prevention and with technical collaborators. On the base of the first experiences developed together on a limited number of firms, the partner can start a project of development in collaboration with Digitalis.