Beginning from the 1994 Digitalis has improved the program "SISTEMA AMBIENTE" as tool of management, also to support of application of the Europeans normative in subject of prevention of the health and the safety and environmental protection. .

From 2001 has made the multilingual system and it is busy in the creation of an international net of sharing of the method of SISTEMA AMBIENTE.

DIGITALIS S.r.l. has begun in 1987 the activity of computer development applied to the prevention in of work risks and to the environmental quality of the enterprises.
It is publishing society and services for the computerized book industry and for the book industry generally.

From 1991: has operated for the realization of a informative system turned to the firms and finalized to application of "clean" technologies, to innovation of the materials and the products, to optimization of the wastes management..

The development of the industry in all the areas of the planet and the enormous consumption of resources of the actual model of production are the principal cause of the rapid climatic change, of the migrations and the numerous armed conflicts.
"Sistema Ambiente" it is a tool predisposed to offer to all the firms a method and common parameters and above all to check in simple way the essential improvement of management.